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Swift Your power’s effect acts quickly. Chaotic Your power lacks a discernable pattern to others. Random The exact output of your power is not known until applied. Repeating Your power can be used rapidly.
Persistant The effects of your power last longer. Resistant External influences affect your power less. Steady Your power is easier to maintain. Unyielding The output of your power is harder to overcome.
Forceful The effect of your power permeates or penetrates. Surpassing The effect of your power reaches further. Empowering Your power amplifies others. Disruptive Your power displaces others.
Harmonic Your power works well with others. Manipulative Targets of your power are under your command. Controlled The effect of your power remains reliable with each use. Deterministic Your power yields predictable and intentional results.
Focused You can isolate or refine the output of your power. Fluid Your power adjusts well to external influences. Turbulent The amount of your power’s output varies greatly. Volatile Your power is unstable or destabilizes others.
Instant Your power quickly reaches its full potential. Overwhelming The effect of your power outpaces others. Hindering Your power weakens others. Evasive Your power avoids external influence.